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The Pilot: Bryan Jensen (1961-2011)

Meet Bryan Jensen, pilot of “The Beast”. Bryan has had an obsession with flying as far back as he can remember. Growing up on a farm in rural Iowa, Bryan spent many hours with his thoughts and eyes fixated towards the sky. Bryan found a $5 “Learn to Fly” coupon in a local newspaper and convinced his parents to drive him to the local airport and cash it in. So at the age of 13, Bryan received his first flying lesson for $5.

One of Bryan’s most memorable aviation experiences was soloing 3 different aircraft the morning on his 16th birthday. Later that day, he received his driver’s license. It was about this time Bryan saw his first airshow flown in a Pitts Special biplane. The internal exhilaration felt by watching this show was a huge turning point in Bryan’s life.

Upon graduating from High School, Bryan had obtained his Commercial Pilot’s Certificate along with an Instrument rating. Looking for a college to further his aviation education, he enrolled in the University of North Dakota’s aviation college.

Bryan graduated from UND and after flying for several commuter airlines, he was hired by a Major airline at the age of 23.


Bryan has since flown numerous types of large and small aircraft including the Convair 580, DC9, MD80, Boeing 727, Airbus 320, and Boeing 747-400. Several mergers later, Bryan is still flying for a Major airline and has over 23,000 hours of flight time. You can find him in the Captain’s seat of a Delta 747 jet when not flying “The Beast”.

Bryan has been flying aerobatics for 15 years. All during this time, the quest for bigger and better aerobatic aircraft intrigued him. After flying the Christen Eagle, Laser 200, Pitts S1S, and Extra 300L, the thought of having an aircraft with a 1:1 or greater thrust to weight ratio was intriguing to Bryan.

One thing led to another, and before long the “Beast” was developed, making it the only piston powered biplane on airshow circuit with GREATER than 1:1 Thrust to Weight!! Now Bryan finally had an aircraft that literally “Rips Up” the Sky!

This impressive biplane is delighting airshow crowds across the country! Once you see, hear and feel it, you’ll understand why!

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